Unique contemporary outdoor kitchen features.

We're not just another stone clad outdoor kitchen. We take all of the features you love most about interior design - outdoors. Take full control of what's inside your dream outdoor kitchen. Get started with our fabulous design team.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Built-in Equipment Options

Begin by outfitting your Garden Living Kitchen from an extensive range of top-quality equipment offerings. Choose the equipment you want - we work with any built-in equipment manufacturer.


Side Burners


Refrigeration + Chillers


Beer Kegs + Taps

Pizza Ovens

Charcoal Grills

2. Cabinetry Features

Convert your Garden Living Kitchen into an entertainment centerpiece by adding counter-height or table-height seating. Maximize your storage with our unique cabinetry system that's offered nowhere else. Get personal with drawer organizers, specialty drawers and even power hookups.

Counter Height Seating

Dining Table Extensions

Access & Storage Doors

Storage & Specialty Drawers

Waste Separators

Pantry Bins

Drawer Organizers

Auxiliary Power & Ports


3. Cabinet | Countertop Finishes

Select from an amazing range of cabinet and countertop finishes. Garden Living has a fantastic lineup of Endura® finishes for you to choose from that will blend perfectly into any palette.