100% Weather Durable | Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Take complete control of what's in your outdoor kitchen using our expert design team. Whether you have an idea of what you're looking for, or need our expert advice to help you get started - We'll guide you from start to finish all in one convenient place.


Designed for a lifetime of special moments.

Featuring unique contemporary styling you won't find anywhere else, Garden Living outdoor kitchens are feature rich and built to endure.


Your dream outdoor kitchen is now a reality.

The very best of contemporary design is now available in 100% weather durable outdoor kitchens. All of what you love most about interior design, we're bringing outdoors.


Design your dream outdoor kitchen today.

Give us your dreams, your sketches and your wish list. We'll design you a contemporary outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. Garden Living kitchens are sleek and contemporary, rich with food preparation options to please the most demanding culinary artists. And our kitchens are designed to integrate entertaining and dining areas with the kitchen, so that food preparation and entertaining are one seamless, delightful hosting experience.

We've got you covered.

Garden Living presents the Arcadia louvered roof system, perfect for creating just the right amount of shade, or complete coverage from the elements. Open or close the pergola with the touch of a button.