The Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen

A beautiful, minimalist stove top grill is the centerpiece of this modern kitchen, perfect for contemporary settings. The Alfresco is a furniture grade, high quality piece of art that serves and entertains beautifully. A foot longer than the Simplicity Kitchen, the Alfresco provides the same great countertop food prep and serving space.

A premium outdoor kitchen
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European style Regal 1 Firemagic® countertop grill with rotisserie
540 sq. in. cooking area and 88,000 BTUs of cooking power
12.5 sq. ft of food preparation & serving surface
Pull-out waste/recycling separator bins
Pull-out bin drawer for storage with hidden pull-out cutlery drawer
Large pull-out storage drawer
Matching paneling on back side of kitchen
Beautiful 100% weather durable cabinet and countertop finishes
Gorgeous 2.75” dimensional waterfall counter surface
Stainless kick plate and hardware
The best kitchen and grill warranties available