Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

Choose from stainless cabinetry, powdercoated cabinetry or our unique Endura panel cabinetry with hundreds of finishes. Your Garden Living Outdoor Kitchen is designed with an unparalleled range of features and options from which to choose.


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Outdoor Cabinetry.

Choose between Stainless, Powdercoated and our unique Endura panel cabinetry. Garden Living kitchens feature a wide range of doors and drawers to outfit your dream kitchen around.

Outdoor Countertops.

Garden Living offers three unique countertop profiles perfect for traditional, euro or contemporary outdoor kitchens. Or take full control go custom to dial in your own unique look.

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Outfit your Garden Living kitchen from an extensive range of top-quality equipment, from side burners to pizza ovens. We’ll design and build the kitchen of your dreams. Any equipment manufacturer - any piece of equipment.

Construction + Features.

Learn what makes Garden Living kitchens truly unique and built to endure the harshest outdoor climates.

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Be Creative.

Get expressive with your custom outdoor kitchen. Get started by viewing some of our popular layouts and designs.

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